CCTV Site Protection Having state-of-the-art CCTV solutions is one of the best ways to protect properties and other assets, as well as employees.

Contrac FM is a leading supplier and installer of the best CCTV systems available, providing advice and guidance on the most appropriate bespoke solution for your business.

Why choose CONTRAC FM?

Contrac FM has a team of highly qualified CCTV installers to design, manage and monitor sophisticated security systems to protect your premises and assets.

We take care of every aspect of CCTV provision, from supplying the right solution to suit your business and budget, to monitoring and responding to incidents.

What we do

Traditional CCTV solutions

For business environments such as offices and sites, we provide the latest CCTV technology solutions, including high definition imaging and send alarms through a mobile app.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging systems provide the highest level of security surveillance but are also vital in detecting fires or locating the position of people in a building in situations such as a fire or another type of emergency.

PPE Detection

In many working environments, the wearing of the appropriate PPE is essential for worker safety and for compliance with regulations. Monitoring whether PPE is being worn when required can be difficult, unless you have PPE detection software that will alert you to any risks such as hard hats not being worn in a workspace where they must be worn. This innovative software will help your business to remain compliant and strengthen your PPE policies.

Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers

If you require fast deployment of CCTV tower units, Contrac FM have a team ready to deliver your security needs. As well as offering a wide range of CCTV technology solutions for the towers, we also provide features such as vandal-resistant towers, public address system and 24/7 monitoring and response.