Lone Worker


We help businesses that operate with employees that work alone to protect their employees with a set of solutions that are designed to make lone working much safer and give people peace of mind.

Why choose CONTRAC FM?

Whether your staff are working alone late at night or going into potentially high-risk environments in their role, Contrac FM will work with you to develop the safest lone working model possible, certified to the highest lone working industry standards.

Contrac FM are also available to conduct lone worker risk assessments to comply with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005.

What we do

Worker Location

We provide innovative GPS technology solutions that enable your business to monitor the locations of lone workers in real-time, which combined with some of our other services such as panic button and alerts, greatly improves safety of employees.

panic button

We provide a range of panic button devices that can be hidden on clothing if required, with one-button alarm activation available, as well as the option for two-way communication personal safety devices.

man down alerts

For employees that are working alone in high risk environments such as in the community, lone security or on public transport, man down alerts add that extra level of safety. The fall detection alerts will raise the alarm, should an employee require assistance.

alarm reponse centre

Our Alarm Response Centre operates 24/7 to provide around the clock, instant responses to any incidents. Our highly trained incident response team will swiftly take the most appropriate action, should the situation arise.

welfare checks

Our lone worker security technology also includes the ability for workers to provide regular welfare check-in updates, so that their safety can be closely monitored throughout their shift. As well as allowing a more secure way of working, employees will feel a greater sense of support and care from their employer, which helps to strengthen the employer/employee relationship.

group alerts

As well as providing alerts for man down situations to the Alarm Response Centre, devices can also be set up to provide group alerts to all of the relevant departments and personnel.