Contrac FM provides a full set of security services to protect your business and assets

From a highly secure Cash in Transit service to SIA accredited security officers to man your premises, we can take care of all of your security requirements – We use the latest technology and intelligent data to develop a security service tailored to your business.

Why choose CONTRAC FM?

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What we do

Security and mobile key holding services

Our highly experienced security officers provide patrol services, onsite guarding, and key holding services. We identify risks and put mitigation procedures into place, using technology such as the latest models of CCTV and other digital solutions.

Cash in Transit

Contrac FM uses highly trained security personnel, along with armoured vehicles and advanced protective equipment to ensure that your cash is protected when delivering it to the bank, or your chosen location.

Our professional service also helps to keep your staff safe and is a more efficient way to operate your business banking.

SIA Accredited Security Officers

All of our security officers are SIA (Security Industry Authority) accredited and complete regular training to stay up to date with the latest developments in the security services industry.

SIA Trained CCTV Operators

Our CCTV operators are also SIA trained, which enables them to provide the highest level of security surveillance to your business.