How Do Thermal Cameras Work and How They Benefit Your Business

How Do Thermal Cameras Work and How They Benefit Your Business

Every object you can see emits thermal radiation. Whether it’s yourself, your work desk or your pencil, it will be emitting heat radiation.

Thermal imaging cameras translate that heat into visible light, essentially doing what our eyes simply cannot. By letting you know when an extremely high temperature is being radiated, from an individual, you can exact and decrease the chances of that individual spreading the virus onto other people within your workforce.

When a person has contracted the Coronavirus, their body temperature will increase to 37.8 degrees or higher. This is because when the virus enters the body, chemicals are released called pyrogens.

The pyrogens flow around your body in the bloodstream and when they reach the hypothalamus, which is the part of your brain that controls your body temperature, they cause your body temperature to rise.

Thermal imaging cameras usually take a reading from an individual’s forehead and use this reading to estimate a precise core body temperature.

The cameras are so powerful they are often used in industry by firefighters to detect tiny embers or by police helicopters to detect a runaway suspect in a woodland or unforeseen area. They can easily penetrate through buildings and thick materials.

It is so important that thermal imaging cameras are being used in the workplace as Coronavirus is not like any other virus we have known before. Someone can be a carrier without actually showing symptoms, so being able to detect a carrier and keep them distant from vulnerable and others at risk of contracting the virus is more important than ever.

What are the benefits of using a thermal imaging camera?

There are a multitude of ways hiring our thermal imaging technology can benefit your business and we’re going to explain how…

Gives you an alert when temperatures are high

You don’t have to sit around at this machine all day to see who has a high temperature and who doesn’t. If a high temperature is detected, you will be immediately detected so you can act fast to remove that individual from the masses.

This machine will also allow you to save reports of who had a raised temperature and who doesn’t and allow you to monitor this over a period of time. This can be helpful to detect possible threats and get a rough idea of an individual’s temperature so you can monitor any sudden increases.

Everyone’s body temperature will vary slightly, it will vary if a woman is on her menstrual cycle and also the BMI of an individual can affect it. However, anything about 38 degrees should be cause for concern. Our cameras are accurate to +-/0.3 degrees.

Detect and save faces of those who are a concern to the well-being of others

Our camera allows you to save face imagery to detect who in your work force may be a potential threat. Our systems are 100% GDPR compliant and we are highly dedicated when it comes to the sensitivity of you and your employees data.

Able to measure a group of people in camera view

Unlike handheld thermometers, which can only take a reading from roughly 20cm away, thermal imaging cameras can take readings from as far as the eye can see. They can also measure the temperatures of large numbers of people in a room, given that all these people are in view of the camera.

Mass thermal detention will diminish time, labour and the risk of contracting the virus. An example of this is, if one person was manually taking the temperature of 100 people in a workforce, this could take several hours, which you are paying that individual for.

Thermal scan showing people's temperature

Most importantly, if any person that individual scanned did have the virus, the person taking the temperatures has come into contact with the virus and is therefore more than likely to carry or be infected with the virus and will potentially pass it to every person who is having their temperature taken from then on.

Before you know it the entire workforce could be infected and this could lead your business into economical strain. A simple and highly effective solution to this, is to hire our Thermal Imaging Camera to save you both time and money.

Body temperatures can still be taken with the full use of PPE

Using a handheld thermometer would mean staff would have to take off their masks or visors in order for you to insert the thermometer into their mouths or onto their foreheads, that is not necessary with thermal imaging.

Body temperatures can still be taken whilst wearing full PPE to an accuracy level of 95%! The endurance of this machine is also incredible, having 24/7 access to online temperature measurements.

Final words

If you are wanting to take full advantage of our Thermal Imaging camera, or other Covid-19 secure technology, then please get in touch today. If you are wanting the safest environment for you and your staff to begin the road to getting back on track then our services could be vital to you.